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"Fire Medicine" Salamander
Spring 2010

This site is part of my own process of individuation.  The birthing process of Dream Therapy Now was in direct response to my need for "doing" something while waiting to enter graduate school.  I had plans to begin Fall semester at Saybrook Graduate School in 2009 but unexpectedly, became pregnant with my third child. I am a mother of three small children and my husband has just recently retired from 20 years in the Army.  I have a BA in art history, and have been on a war-path of studying anything and everything concerned with archeology, anthropology, the interpretation of myth, dreams, and Fairy Tales; Jungian/Analytical Psychology and psychotherapy; German; religion, Native American spirituality, ancient Shamanic healing; medicinal herbs; art therapy; the paranormal; honey bees; shamanic midwifery; horses; the Classic Mayan/Olmec calendar systems and cosmogenesis; and my most recent delve: Ayahuasca of the Amazon. I am also apprenticing with my midwife...Life is good.


Since our move to the mountains, I've dove into the Mountain Woman role, learning how to become self sufficient in every way.  I began collecting medicinal wild flowers and plants for teas and my Itch Witch salve, and we were blessed with a honey bee swarm.   I am a baker, bee-keeper, goat herder (and milker), chicken and horse whisperer (well, you'll have to ask the herd first), gardener, Mother! but above all, I am a dream worker.  I cannot stress how important it is to Experience Life.


In the dream world, I have completed a year of dream leadership training with The Haden Institute in Hendersonville, NC.  I have been avidly journaling my dreams for 14 years this Spring and have aided research for IASD (International Association for the Study of Dreams) through a respected author, professor and mentor of dream studies at JFK University in Berkley, Dr. Kelly Bulkeley. 


I've led dream circles in the past using specific techniques such as the Montague Ullman "If it were my dream" as well as some Gestalt group methods.  

I have also had the amazing opportunity to work with many outstanding women on their process of uncovering childhood sexual abuse through their dreams.  


I worked long-distance for over two years with a Dream-Tender, Tino Plank doing shamanic dream interpretation as well as undergoing many shamanic healings by a gifted Crow Shaman in NC.  This woman was also gracious enough to allow a bird's eye view into her amazing work.  Both of these experiences have opened up and allowed a new view into the unconscious while still in the waking world.  I've come to understand the "calling" of healer.  I hope to continue to learn as I walk on this Path.


Dream interpretation comes natural to me, like a second language much like the ancient Egyptians: the language of metaphor.  I do it with passion and humility; I am very aware of projection.  My work is akin to Psychotherapeutic techniques and I use an eclectic array of tools to unlock the metaphor. 

My hope with this site: to embolden the dreamer with knowledge to unlock their own Dreams, through as many means possible. But, and most importantly, to offer an ancient rare form of dream analysis that was once prized and and honored but has now gone into the hands of science and psychology.  I hope to offer as employment a form of "dream seeing" to those who are needing a psychopomp into the "underworld" or the unconscious, collective, dreaming realm.