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Itch Witch Poison Ivy Salve
Poison Ivy/Oak/Sumac, contact dermatitis, burns (apply immediately after), mosquito bites (apply immediately after and the bite will disappear), bee and wasp stings, Eczema, Psoriasis, Athelete's Foot, cuts, scrapes, aches, pains, apply to swollen glands, toothaches, canker sores, acne, liver spots, bruises, diaper rash, safe for the privates-antiseptic for after childbirth....the list will continue to grow, I hope.
This page is for those interested in obtaining my homemade Poison Ivy and Heal-all salve.  All ingredients, save the coconut oil, are collected from our property.  If you are interested in buying a jar, send me an email.
My Itch Witch is made from all organic ingredients:
Organic Virgin Cold pressed Coconut oil
Echinecea/Purple Coneflower
 Lady's Mantle
Marigold and/or Bergamont when in bloom
Totally safe to use on infants and pets, in the mouth and the privates, and safe enough to eat.  Keep refrigerated or in the freezer when not using. 

Payment Options
Bartering or trading for my salve, is possible, if interested. If you live outside of the country, are too far for shipping costs, or would rather just send in a check/cash, the cost per jar is $10 plus shipping.  If you are interested in bartering, here is a list of ideas.  If you have other bartering wares, let me know and we'll talk:
Local raw honey-only the good stuff!
Molasses or Sorghum syrup
Cinnamin Sticks (Canela)
Bread flour
Bushel of Apples
Pumpkins for cooking or baking
Coffee (whole bean or ground)
Cleveland Sweet Feed for a milking doe (goat, 16% crude protein)
Bale of Hay or Alfalfa
Oats-rolled for baking granola
Raw almonds
Pure Beeswax for melting
Organic Coconut Oil (Spectrum if possible)
Large Breed Dog Food
Used fencing
A tractor (hehe just kidding)
Any heirloom seeds
Fruit trees or saplings
Sweet clover seed and/or any cover crop seed for wintering garden
Hand-me-down Children's clothing for 6/7yr old girl and 2yr old boy
Books! (used ok...we can talk specifics)
Children's DVDs (used if in good condition)