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Archetypal & Mythic Dreams

Fran Welch
Clay sculpture, dreamwork creation

"A Myth is the imaging of a conception, or realization of Truth."
Quote by Joseph Campbell, in Larson's  A Fire in the Mind: The Life of Joseph Campbell (Double Day: New York, NY. 1991. P. 415) 

Fairy Tales...
Is it possible to view our Archetypal, "Big Dreams" as the new collective fairy tales of our modern age? 
And...Can one find their personal Archetype at work through these "Big Dreams"? 
For those who have "Big Dreams" on a regular basis, this would be an interesting experiment to dive into. 
Look for a separate page entitled "Archetypal-Fairy Tale Dreams".
Let me know your thoughts Here.

Mandala, Oil Pastels, 2007

"You must have your own ideas about it [your personal Myth]. You have to have your own myth.  To have your own myth means to have suffered and struggled with a question until an answer has come to you from the depths of your soul.  That does not imply that this is the definitive truth, but rather that this truth which has come is relevant for oneself as one now is, and believing in this truth helps one to feel well."
A quote by Jung in Von Franz's Creation Myths, Shambala: Boston. 1995. P 12.

Working with your Archetypal or Mythic Dreams:
Uncover your hidden goals in life through interpretation of your otherworldly dreams...

Working Myth
Oil Pastels, September 2007

Have you had a "big dream", one which you cannot explain, where gods and goddesses appear or otherworldly spirits guide?  These dreams could unlock important information for your path in life...

"...each of us has his or her myth around which we pattern our lives.  [It] holds us together and gives us our capacity to live in the past and future without neglecting each instant of the present.  The myth bridges the gap between conscious and unconscious: we then can speak out of some unity of the tremendous variety in each of our selves... Where there is consciousness, there will be myth."
Rollo May
 The Cry for Myth
Dreams reveal our living myths and archeytpes -

Rollo May in The Cry For Myth talks of finding one's own myth, alive in each of us...  This is no child's play here, and no pun intended!  We can look to our dreams for answers or we can look to our very first childhood memories...
Condsider understanding the reasons behind our depression, our lack of fulfillment in life, the reasons why we cannot get ahead or why we resent certain people in our lives...
Step 1.  Find your earliest childhood memories and write them down...
Step 2.  Draw/Create art connected with this image...
Step 3.  On another sheet of paper, or whatever medium you choose make statements associated with each memory.
I remember my big brother taking away my doll and telling me dolls were for babies. 
I feel that my peers never take me seriously; I constantly try to prove my abilities. 
Now try to see how this myth motivates your life.  We see the negative aspects, however there is also a positive.  In this case, perhaps....
My inner goal, my wish, is to become a counselor for children.  I often dream of little girls needing my help, maybe this is why?
Understanding our motivations in life can help us uncover what is also holding us back... this allows us to achieve our goals.  

Exploring My Myth
Oil Pastel, August 2007