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Plant and Animal Spirit Dreams


  This page is a work in progress and I will be adding to it as I grow myself. 
In researching the Upper Amazon Mestizo shamans, most commonly known as Ayahuascaros, I've come to find that dreams or visions of the specific plants and/or animal spirits connected to this area are part and parcel to the experience of knowing/researching/experiencing Ayahuasca.  In other words: In researching, ingesting, or perhaps being in close connection to another psychedelic plant it is common and depending upon your position, expected to have a powerful dream or vision of the spirit connected to these plants during this/these processes.  A wonderful source for more information: Pablo Amaringo's experiences which are in full account here.  Also: Steve Beyer's "Singing to the Plants: A Guide to Mestizo Shamanism in the Upper Amazon"    

Singing to the Plants

As we all have Souls or Spirit, a higher Self, so to speak, so do the plants (and animals)...of course we all have free will and can choose what we believe.  However, shamans around the world share this common belief and have been healing with this wisdom for longer than we know, perhaps tens of thousands of years. Jeremy Narby recently wrote a fascinating book in regards to DNA and shamanic healing, I highly recommend: The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge. He claims all DNA is likened to the cosmic serpent creation myth seen in many cultures around the world.
Back to dreaming...if you have had a dream about a man/woman containing characteristics or qualities which you cannot explain, which may seem archetypal or connected to an animal/plant, I would like to hear about it. My belief in Straussman's DMT research (that we release DMT, endogenously in REM dreamstate) leads me to believe that in the dreamstate, we can access the collective or vision experiences similar to a person who has taken Ayahuasca. 

Ayahuasca In My Blood
25 Years of Medicine Dreaming

Check out Peter Gorman's extrodinary book: Ayahuasca in My Blood: 25 Years of Medicine Dreaming.  The author's personal accounts of successfully using Ayahuasca for the purpose of healing or understanding a sickness/disease are extrodinary.  He is gifted or chosen by a boa, while in a vision, as a spirit guide/helper. 

Pumasacha, Amazon Rainforest Reserve
El Mundo Magico

Here is a very interesting link for shamanic intiation and retreats.  El Mundo Magico. There is a list of the plant diets or La dieta which is a necessary requirement for becoming a Maestro or Amazonian shaman.  Here is there Mission Statement link.

Here is a good link for a list of some plants of the Upper Amazon that are used in La Dieta of the shaman.  Pablo Amaringo's artwork might be a good starting point in the visual or symbolic appearance of the plant spirit itself. Plant Spirit Shamanism and the Medicinal Plants of the Amazon Rainforest.