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Tiger Dreams

Inspired by dreams....
Tiger Tattoo, February 2013.

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Tiger dreams are very similar to Cougar or mountain lion Dreams, as they are both solitary animals.  I group them together, perhaps because they are both "big cats" but the Tiger holds different symbolism being "striped" and from Asia.  The Tiger is a sacred animal and I will be updating this page with more information.  Personally speaking, all of my tiger dreams have been in the form of the cat as protector.  I am never being chased down or threatened; rather the tiger is always at my side, a friend in the dream, never a doubt or question as to the motive.  My Mountain lion dreams on the other hand, are mostly questionable: what is this lion doing and am I safe.  Not so with the Tiger.  

I believe the Tiger is Guardian in dreams.  A guardian for the next leg of the journey.  If I were about to embark on a quest, a journey of unknown, perhaps dangerous territory, I would want Tiger by my side.  Tiger gives strength, courage, self assurance, a sense of balance (stripes of both orange and black...or sometimes white and black...a balance of perception) in seeing what is in front of me.  In other words, the Tiger gives both fierocity and stability; the whole package so to speak.  Ask yourself, what part of the Tiger is me?  What do I need to gain/learn from the Tiger in order to move forward in my life?  Why do I need protection and what can I assimilate from the Tiger?  Look to my "tools" page and become the Tiger.