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Raccoon Dreams


Are you having dreams of Raccoon?  Masked, nocturnal, able to open or unlock things to find energy/food. The Raccoon is a powerful symbol, a powerful medicine.  There is shapeshifting, an ability to mask one's persona...to change or put on different roles, to take on or go places that many cannot.  In other words, Raccoon Medicine allows one to become an actor or feeler, according to the environment or situation.  An amazing actor, perhaps in a more positive sense: an empathizer. On the con side, Raccoons are vicious, fight-to-the-death, survivors.  They are the biggest carriers of rabies in the US.  Raccoons are feared because of this, as if they carry a stigma that has been cast upon them.  No matter if they are sick or not, they will be seen as "sick" and dealt with in this manner.  It is important to look at all of these aspects when working your dream.  Ask yourself, what part of the Raccoon is you?  Go to my "tools" page and do the 6 magic questions, see if you can unlock the meaning behind having a raccoon dream. 

Here is an excerpt from one of my favorite books: Animal Speak by Ted Andrews


"Raccoon are fascinating animals.  They are distantly related to the bear, and thus it should be studied as well by anyone with this totem.  The raccoon is one of the most adaptable animals, and in spite of encroachment on its natural habitat, it is even able to live within the city.

"...the paws are very dexterous.  Raccoons can be exert at opening lids, latches, doorknobs, and such.  Because of this they often have the reputation for thievery-of being able to get into things they are not supposed to.  It would not be surprising to find that individuals who are thieves and burglars have raccoon medicine, even though it is not being used positively...Raccoons are fascinated by water.  They like to slosh their hands and their food in it.  This has given rise to the belief they never eat anything without washing it first.  Actually, water increases the sensitivity of the raccoon's hands, and they can feel their food better....extremely curious...love to explore....


"The use of masks to achieve altered states and for other healing and ritual purposes has been a part of every society. Mask making is an ancient art employed all over the worse for ceremony, celebration, and in magical practices....We can become whatever we want by wearing masks...tools for transformation.  The hidden aspect, the secrecy, helps promote the transformation.  It helps us to change what we are to what we want to be, giving us magic....we create a doorway [when wearing a mask] in the mind and in the physical world a threshold that we can cross to new dimensions and new beingness.   

"This is the magic of raccoon.  It is an expert at disguise and secrecy.  It knows how to wear masks for a variety of purposes.  I tcan teach you hot to mask and diguise and transform yourself...It can show you how to wear a healing mask or show you the face you shall become.  The raccoon hold the knowledge of hot to change our faces. 

"If a raccoon has shown up, you may see its influence for an extended time.  If you are trying to make changes or endeavoring to hide changes you are making from others until you are in a better position, plan on using about a 20-week cycle.  You will find it more effective.  For longer and greater life transformations and such, when raccoon shows up you may want to make longer plans."

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