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Moose Dreams

Red Butte Canyon Research
American Moose

Moose dreams are phenomenal.  To dream of Moose is sacred, exceptional Medicine.  I've had only one dream from Moose...and it was worth the research.  In Ted Andrew's Animal Speak, he talks of moose as being part of the "Primal Feminine Energies and the Magic of Life and Death" 
Moose has an ability to shape-shift, be a part of the land, camouflage itself and regardless of it's hugeness...the moose is quite graceful.  Here is an excerpt from the above book: 
     "The moose is associated with the feminine energies, the maternal forces of the world, and those who align with the moose will find these forces awakened.  Part of this revolves around the association with water.  Water is the primal symbol of the feminine forces of the universe.  It is the symbol of creativity and dynamic forms of intuition and illumination....It reflects the ability of the individual to learn to go back into the depths and draw new life and nourishment from it.  The moose can teach the ability to move from the outer world to the inner.  It can teach how to cross-from life to death and back to stronger life.  It teaches how to use the thin thread that separated life and death to one's advantage.  It is not unusual to find individuals with strong Moose medicine working in soul retrieval...This reflects much about the inherent mediumship and ability to work with spirit of the dead by those who align with moose medicine and energy.  Moose people can to go into the icy waters of the void (death) and come back out." 
This is just a taste of what a moose dream can symbolize.  

Photo by David Burson

Go to my Tools page and look at my 6 Magic Questions, become the moose and find out what the dream could be telling you.  Study the Moose.  Here is a wiki site on the American Moose. It is important to look at the wild aspect or nature of the moose in order to unlock the metaphor within your dream.