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Fox Dreams


Fox dreams are very similar to Coyote, as they are both considered "Tricksters" of the animal kingdom, in many cultures.  I would study a bit of Coyote when working a Fox dream.  Sly, cunning, tricky, fast, nocturnal....triangular face, pryamid shaped, tail thick and bushy, possibly a reference to the Kundalini energy which resides in the root chakra (which is also seen as red in color). 

I've had only a handful of Fox dreams; I would try to take into consideration many different aspects of Fox: Fox is trapped, prized for it's fur...not hunted.  This is something to think about, in regards to not harming or putting a hole in the hide.  In other words, think about the outer skin or hide, your outer shell...are you worried about your "hide" or appearance?  Are you worried about how you appear to others, your persona?  Are you worried more about how others perceive you? Are you willing to sacrifice your love, passion, goals in order to look good or appear better in some way?  Depending upon the context of the dream, a fox could be telling you that it is time to look within, under the skin, under the surface.  A fox dream could also be a symbol for the trapped or cornered soul, one who is hunted or sought after for appearances.  What is the fox doing in your dream?  Is s/he chasing you?  (eg. I am at a place where I feel as if I am being hounded or chased after, to look perfect at all times...) Or is it survival, feeling as if you are constantly on the run, running away from those who are hounding after you, always wanting something from you, something you can give them, not altruistic reasons?    
Fox is quick, a menance to farmers, an eater of chickens.  Fox is nocturnal, keen eyesight...fox can scream like a child, often being confused with humans or cougars.  Foxes are survivalists, adapters, they carry a bad rap.  These are all things to consider when dreaming of fox.  What part of you is the fox?  Think about what aspects of the fox you can associate with.   Do you feel as if you have been given a bad reputation, do you feel as if you are constantly on the run, on the move, or on the defensive?  Or do you need some of Fox's medicine:  Do you need to gain problem solving or adaptation skills? Do you need to protect your hide in some way?  Do you need to follow where the fox lures you?Must you walk in the fox's trail in order to understand how to survive or perhaps use your senses in the dark to hunt and live...much like the unconscious or dreamworld.  Is fox wanting to be your guide, your eyes and ears into the darkness?  There is much to learn from Fox Medicine...it is tricky, understanding a fox dream.  Be as humble as you can, as honest with yourself as possible.   
When I see a fox on our property, I do not think negatively for they are beautiful animals; their tails are huge and bushy, gorgeous.  I once had a dream where I was gifted a gorgeous red fox hide.  The colors (red, white, and black) were vibrant, glowing.  I was in awe in the dream, for the gift.  To read this: I am at a place where I am gifted a hide, a skin, an outer shell or persona that will allow me to vibrate the colors needed to survive in the future...a gift that will enable or activate my keen senses in the dark (my dreamwork). The "trick" is to find out what Fox is saying or speaking to you, as the scream or call is so similar to humans, the language barrier is thin.  In other words, Fox can talk to you, but you need to be listening with an open honest heart in order to hear.  Shed the pelt and go into the forest, follow the fox or learn from his own lessons, his own stigma...how would it feel to be a fox on the run?  

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I will try to add more in the future.  If you are interested in understanding a particularly haunting Fox Dream, send me an email.  Look at my page for more info.