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Wolf Dreams


Wolf dreams or nightmares can be very powerful, unforgettable.  Depending upon the context of the dream, it could have a multitude of meaning. My own first "Big Dream" involved a wolf and I will never forget it.  If you are dreaming of a wolf, look at the circumstances and how it can pertain to where you are in life, socially.  For wolves are highly intelligent, social animals. Cunning. They have a distinct language and distinct responsibilities or roles within the pack.  Wolves have pack leaders, a hierarchy.  What aspect or role is the wolf playing within your dream?  What is s/he forcing you to do or asking you to look at?  To be sure, there is a role or position that the wolf is pointing you towards...maybe forcing you towards.  At any rate, there is revelation and learning. 


In fairy tales, wolfs are the protagonist, chasing Little Red or preying upon hapless children who must learn to survive without getting eaten.  These tales show the progression of problem solving and courage, finding one's "way" or "path" and learning how to adapt or survive through listening to your senses.  Paying attention to your environment, or the Earth, the cycles of the moon...much like a werewolf would...  Hearing, smelling vision...all acute with the wolf.  Becoming a wolf would be a very helpful tool in understand the dream.  Go to my tools page and look at the 6 magic questions.


Above all, Wolf is Teacher.  Wolf comes to teach a lesson and bring new awareness of your surroundings...of your life.  Ask yourself: what part of the wolf is me?  Is this wolf in your dreams a loner, watching you, chasing you down, biting you?  What part of you is needing a wake up call?  What part of you is waiting in the woods, waiting for you to join in a new expedition or journey...what part is ready to learn a new way of living or life? What part of you is ready to prey upon your old self, or old way of life? 

In the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf dresses up and pretends to be something he is not...why? to lure Red into getting closer, closer for the kill.  If this were my dream, and I was Red, I would ask myself, what part of the wolf is me pretending to be something I am not?  What part of me is needing to be fed?  That wild woman aspect, the one who wants to be free.


I would highly recommend reading "Women Who Run With The Wolves" by Clara Pinkola Estes.  This book is fabulous, especially if you are a woman having many wolf dreams.  Here is a link to her website: Dr. Clara Pinkola Estes.  

Romulus and Remus being suckled by she-wolf