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Crocodile and Alligator Dreams
Croc as the World Tree with Great Rift or Maw
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Croc and/or alligator dreams seem to be common.  If they are not experienced in the dreamstate, often times they appear in visions during sacred ceremonies using medicinal herbs.  This is a POWERFUL symbol of both death and rebirth.  In studying the Ancient Maya, I've found crocs to be symbolized as the Milky Way, which in turn was considered the sacred crossroads, the road to Xibalba, or in other words: The Underworld.  The Milky Way itself, when seen in the Summer sky...and depending on which hemisphere you are standing within...spans across the cosmos like a huge tree.  The dark rift, or galactic center right in the middle of the great tree was seen as the great maw, the mouth of the croc or road to the Underworld.  Many glyphs contain lords or kings coming out of the jaws of a croc.  There is both a day and month name in the Tzolkin-Haab calendar system for Crocodile (Imix/Imox and Cumku).   

Mayan day sign for Crocodile

Crocodiles are survivors of cataclysmic events, one only need to google wikipedia to read about their amazing characteristic.  When dreaming of a croc or alligator it is important to keep this in mind: survival.  They can live on both land and water, they lie under the water waiting, patiently, to feed.  In feeding, they grasp their prey and spin.  Spinning is an important aspect here, it represents the spinning of our galaxy, the cosmos, the sacred feeling of connecting with Source...like the Whirling Dervishes.  When you relax and allow life to happen, allow "Thy will [to] be done", then the croc releases.  When you resist and struggle, the process continues, like a cycle.  Crocodile Medicine teaches how to survive, by following the rules of the universe...patience, strength, swallowing large amounts of information and waiting for the time when it will be needed.  The croc or alligator are symbols of time, perhaps infinity? and also of the Great Mother.  The swallowing of the dead to be reborn from the mouth of the croc, the idea of gestating...perhaps similar to Jonah and the Whale (great fish).  

If you have had a dream of a crocodile or alligator, ask yourself this:  What part of myself is the Croc/Gator?  Become the Croc and ask yourself the 6 magic questions on my Tools page.


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