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Bear Dreams

Dreams of bears are complicated, enigmatic, powerful and completely transformative. When I receive a Bear Dream, time stops.  It is as if the gods are saying: Take Note! This is important, tread carefully...walk in a sacred manner with this animal.


Out of all the animal symbols I've had the honor to work in dreams, Bear has brought the most Change, the most transformation, the most energy.


I've had many and I've worked many; there is no simple answer and the farther you dig (into myth and ancient history) the heavier and decidedly more Divine the answers become.  In other words, bear as a symbol is one of the oldest and connected to the mother goddess societies of the paleolithic (see Gimbutas' work).


Ancient Greece picked up the great animal symbol and placed Artemis in her care.  Look to the stars, you will find Bear.  Diana in Roman myth carries the bear further into the present and so on and so forth.  In N. America, the bear is also connected to the Mother, the dream lodge, North, introspection, hibernation...a sacred time.  Bears come to many dreamers as protagonists, sometimes the abuser, sometimes as Mother, always the bringer of sacred introspection, inner turmoil, inner reflections. Bear message brings Power.


Pushing and forcing, causing fear and terrorizing or threatening to destroy.  Fear is key here.  Fearing both the massive strength and potential to destory is overwhelming...but a sow, the mother bear, is also a fierce mother and will defend her cubs to the death. 


I urge the dreamer to become the bear in your dreams and ask yourself the 6 Magic Questions.  Go to my tools page.  Dig deep here...what is the purpose of the bear in your dream and see if it matches your own or perhaps it is time to let the fear go, or at least become aware.

Key words associated with Bear:
Fear or potential threat
Mother Earth
Protection or Protector
Sleeping threat/danger
Ursa Major and Minor
Neolithic Goddess symbol
In fairy tale (Grimm's) Snow White and Rose Red, the prince is cursed as a bear
Are you being a "bear"?