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Spider Dreams

Black Widow

Spiders are also very popular in the dreamstate and I encourage you to really look into becoming the Spider (see my tools page) in order to understand the symbol within your dream.  I immediately associate the symbol with "fears".  The spider coming out from under the bed or jumping out from a hiding place...these I would see as fears that are creeping out, showing themselves, trying to communicate with you or scare you into finally facing.  Spiders can hide but they can also bite.  A fear that has been swept under the bed must be dealt with sooner or later; a spider in a dream could be a metaphor saying: time to deal with the fear now or it will come back and bite youI can hide well, but you will always know that I reside in the dark, waiting to be seen/heard/acknowledged.  Spiders are also connected with language, communicating something important that needs addressing.  The webs catch energy/food/lies/nightmares...there are so many possibilities when working with Spider Dreams.

Another aspect to look at when considering spider dreams is the relationship to the web and the cosmos.  There are many exciting scientific breakthroughs happening, one of which is proving Einstein's Time-Warp theory (NASA's article) or Theory of Relativity.    This is exciting and archetypal at the same time.  Many people are dreaming of intricate webs, having three dimension, which I find in relation to M Theory (or String Theory).  I believe we are entering a new era and new way of thinking, new consciousness.  The spider web is a perfect example.  The movie The Last Mimzy is a great example; the spider and it's web is used in an experiment, showing the strength of the web and how the spider is controlled through sound/vibrations.  I recently had a spider dream where the web was woven as a transport or luggage (if you will) to take across the ocean.  I believe many people are dreaming of spiders in relation to a new way of thinking, like opening your senses or learning how to read another language.  

D.J. Conway writes about Spiders in her book Animal Magick:
     "This [Spider] is one of the most powerful creatures in all myth and symbolism in both the Old and New Worlds; it represents the Great Terrible Mother in her fate-weaving aspect.  Neith was the Weaver of the World in Egypt; in Babylon it was Ishtar and Atargatis; in Greece, Athene and the Fates; in Norse myth, the Norns and Holda.  One Greek tale tells how the goddess Athene turned the human Arachne into a spider because of her arrogance over her spinning and weaving.
"The Hindus say that the spider weaves life itself from its own body, but is also the creator of illusion, or maya.  Barbara Walker suggests that the eight-armed deities of India and Odhinn's eight-legged horse may be associated with the spider.
"The Japanese have two spider goddesses: Spider Woman, who can ensnare careless travelers, and the Goblin Spider, who can change shape to harm people.
"The Ashanti of Africa say that the Great Spider is God.  In many African tales, the spider is a trickser deity.  This idea was brought to Jamaica in the form of Anansi, the Great Spider.
"...To the Plains people, this was Inktomi, the Trickster Spider, a shape-shifter who brought culture to their people.  The Southwestern Pueblo tribes speak of Spider Woman, who created the universe; they refer to her as Kokyangwuti, Tsitsicinako, Sussistanako, Thought Woman, or Thinking Woman.  Spider Grandmother is the Kiowa heroine/goddess who brought light to the world.  Native Americans say that the spider's web connects it with the four Elements.  They believe although it is a small creature, it is cunning and intelligent, tricking other insects into its webs.  They called spider power the female energy for the creative force of life."

Marie Louise Von Franz writes about the symbol of spiders in her book Alchemy: 

     "...A spider indicates spinning, the spinning of fantasies.  The superstition is that in the morning a spider means bad luck and in the evening good luck.  Obviously that really means that if in the morning one is slack and sleepy, gets up late, and sits about half dressed and just thinks of one's neurotic problems, that would be the spider in the morning which would certainly bring bad luck.  But if after working all day one lights a cigarette in the evening and sits in front of the house, as peasants do, and lets one's fantasy run, or if one phiosophizes about life, that is quite all right, it is a very good way to prepare oneself for sleep.  Therefore the spider in the evening is propitious, and that probably was the original meaning of this widespread suspersition.  The spider is a neative mother symbol, it is the Maya, and so on.  When it comes in the evening, or at the evening of life, it is all right, but it is very bad to start the day with it."

Spider Symbology
Fear of something, for instance the spider represents a fear that must be overcome in your life.
Weaving a web, a metaphor for planning or strategic planning (could be positive or negative).
The need to write or publish, a metaphor for pushing one to start writing.
Peru, a spider-god temple has been found dating from 1500-1000BC, images of webs with decapitated heads suggest warrior and hunting metaphor.
Hunting skills, able to catch the prey (are you being hunted or have you been preying on someone?)
Spouse issues
Weaving of fantasies

Here is an example of a spider dream I had many years ago.  In the dream I was lying down, pinned down by an unknown force, not able to move.  A large spider suddenly appears and begins to walk up my body; I cannot move, I am paralyzed with fear.  The spider continues up my body and over my face.  The dream ends. 
My interpretation:  I have been paralyzed with fear in my life to the extent that I've lost all power to move forward and take charge.  I am in a place where I feel frozen with fear.  The Spider walking across my body represents my Fear-the embodiment of my Fear.  In the dream I am not harmed.  I have been confronted with this Fear and I've survived.  The message: it is time to confront my Fears and move forward; time to take control and let the fears go, let them run their course and move on.

Some spider dreams can be warnings of health issues.  If you have had spider dreams combined with health problems or worrys, get a check-up.  Dreams that warn people of health problems are VERY common and many do not heed their warnings.