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Paranormal Dreams

Paranormal Scene Investigators
Barry Fitzgerald, Lake Lure Paranormal Conference

This page is dedicated to specific dreams that fall under these catagories:  Telepathic Dreams, Prophetic Dreams, Dream Sharing, Visitations from Deceased in Dreams, or any Dreams that can be connected to the Spiritual


For more information on the study and exploration of various forms of paranormal dreams, see:  http://www.asdreams.org

Our Dreaming Mind
Van de Castle

Another great resource:  Our Dreaming Mind (A sweeping exploration of the role that dreams have played in politics, art, religion, and psychology, from ancient civilization to the present day) By Robert L. Van de Castle, Ph.D.

Johann Heinrich/Henry Fuseli
The Nightmare, 1781

 Here are a few quick definitions
Prophetic dream: A dream that confirms future events.  For example: I had a dream that my car rolled down our mountain; the next morning I came across an accident where a woman almost rolled her car down our mountain.
Dream sharing: When two people share a similar dream or dream theme.  This could happen between two people living oceans apart or amongst groups of people (see www.asdreams.org )
Telepathic Dreams: Similar to the above except one person is usually awake.  For example, a husband could be watching a boxing match on TV and the wife could be asleep dreaming about a boxing match or fight.

Spiritual Dreams or Dreams of Deceased:  Oftentimes we have dreams where we feel as if a message is being sent by a deceased person (whether a loved one or perhaps a previous owner of the house).  These dreams cannot be explained easily.  Dreams contain layers and layers of meaning.  Children, due to their openness and naive nature are often the repositories of such dreams.  They should not be taken lightly. 
If you live close to the Asheville/Western NC area and are having paranormal dreams/experiences, send me an email.  There are other avenues available.