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Dog Dreams

Hekate or Artemis with dog and torches

Animal of the Month:
The symbol of the Dog dates back to the paleolithic and continues on throughout every culture.  Dog in dreams can be exremely perplexing considering most households own or desire a dog or have had to watch a loved one pass.  Others have been attacked or fear dogs.  For more understanding about the possible symbolism of a dog dream click here.  

Karakachan Dog
BBPS Semperviva

Animal of the Month:
This page is dedicated to an animal of the month.  I try to list and give excerpts from literature dealing with the particular symbol.
With that said, I've chosen Dog this month.  This symbol is tricky and multi-layered.  The dog plays an intregal part in our society.  Some animals, clearly wild, do not cohabitate with humans; dogs do.  I've encountered many dreamers who've had their deceased dog visit them in dreams.  Others are chased by the hounds of hell.  I will try and give as much information on this animal as possible but finding that particular trait of the dreamed dog would be the first step. 

"Dog has been considered the servant of humanity throughout history.  If a person carries Dog medicine, he or she is usually serving others or humanity in some way.  Here you will find the charity worker, the philanthropist, the nurse, the counselor, the minister, and the soldier.
     "Dog was the servant-soldier that guarded the tribe's lodges from surprise attack.  Dog is a medicine that embodies the loving gentleness of best friend and the half-wild protector energy of territorial imperative.  Like Anubis, the jackal protector of Egypt, Dog is a guardian.  Throughout history, Dog has been the guaridan of hell, as well as of ancient secrets, hidden treasures, and babies-while mothers were cooking or in the fields.  Dog honors its gifts and is loyal to the trust placed in its care."
Sams and Carson
Medicine Cards


Dog Symbology
Unconditional Love
Being hounded
Middle Eastern goddesses: Belit-ili, Astarte, Ashtoreth
Egypt: Amenti, the Great Mother and Anubis the jackel
Greek goddesses: Cybele, Artemis, and Diana (believed dogs to be psychic and carried away departing souls, hence guardians of the afterlife); Hecate; Enodia/Artemis the divine huntress.
Celtic mother goddess Epona who rode with a dog in her lap
Minoan goddess the Mistress of Animals, forerunner to Artemis Eileithyia who was flanked by winged dogs.
Three-headed dog Cerberus
Indian goddess: Sarama who ruled the moon with her two dogs
Also Indian Yama, god of the dead had 2 four eyed dogs
Indra had a faithful hunting dog
China: T'ien Kou the red Celestial Dog with two aspects of both yin and yang (destruction and protection)
Quetzalcoatl, apparently entered the Land of the Dead in the form of a dog.
Associated with the Moon and Moon goddesses all over the world, to include the Mongols, Chiquitos and Balkan peoples.
Semitic and Islamic cutlures see dog as unclean, evil, and demonic (possibly due to the association to the goddess in almost every culture).
"Among Scythian tribes, Artemis was called the Divine Huntress and the Great Bitch.  Her priestesses were known as the Alani (hunting dogs) and sacred bitches; they hunted and sacrified the stag-gods.  Son of a bitch orinally meant a follower of the Goddess.
     "In Irish mythology, the dog Dormarth was said to guard the gate of death; mourning too loudly could make the dog attack the approaching soul.  In Celtic myths, devoted hounds are often mentioned.  An example of these are Bran and Sceolan, the hounds of Finn mac Cumhail.  In Wales, the Cwn Annwn (Underworld Hounds) of Arawn, Lord of the Underworld, were always white with red ears.  They ran down and punished those who broke the laws of men and the gods.  Nodens, the god of springs and healing, was able to shape-shift into a dog.
     "The Moon dogs of the Norse people are very similar to the Cwn Annwn of Wales, these dogs were connected with the goddess Hel and were said to run with Odhinn during the Wild Hunt.  The Wild Hunt, or the Ride of Death, appears in many stories all over Europe.  Norse and Teutonic literature tell of Odhinn, or the Erl King, riding with a pack of phantom hounds (great black beasts with eyes as big as saucers) during storms.  This ride was supposed to happen on New Year's Eve, storm or not.  Folklore says that to hear the sounds of this hunt was an omen of death and disaster."
Animal Magick