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Fish Dreams

Tiktaalik Rosea
Fossil of fish evolving onto land

The Fish in ancient times holds such charged energy that it is almost impossible to NOT leave out something.  I've found a great book that covers small excerpts of each culture which honored the fish in some way.  Here is Conway's
Animal Magick:
"At the rites of such lunar love and fertility goddesses as Atargatis, Ishtar, Derecto, Isis, and Aphrodite, it was common for the initiates to eat sacred fish...[They] were kept in special ponds on the temple grounds, were served on Fridays, a day sacred to these goddesses, as well as to the northern Freyja [Norse Goddess].  A mermaid form was taken by such goddesses as Atargatis, Aphrodite, and Derceto.  In Rome the sign of a fish was originally a symbol of the lover deity Venus.
The Ephesian Great Goddess often has a fish or fish amulet hung over her genitals.  The pointed oval is a yoni sign and is called the vesica piscis, or Vessel of the Fish.  In Greek, delphos meant both fish and womb.
In ancient Middle Eastern cultures, the fish was sometimes a personification of a diety.  Statues of the Philistine god Dagon show him as half-fish, half-man.  The Greek Poseidon was sometimes pictured with a fish-tail as a symbol of his dominion over the power of the seas.
The Middle Eastern goddess Atargatis has a shrine of the island of Delos.  Her temple there was surrounded by fish-filled ponds and trees of doves.  The sacred fish at Hieropolis of Egypt wore gold ornaments, a sign of their sacredness.  In the aspect of Hat Mehit, Isis was the Great Fish of the Abyss.  When she ws shown with a fish as a crown, it meant victory over death.
"Part of the Greek festival of Thesmophoria in honor of Demeter was the Haloa, a rite where fish were used as religious symbols.
"Fish, particularly salmon and trout, has several mystical meanings to the Celts.  They were connected with sacred wells and springs.  The Celts believed that eating fish, salmon and trout especially, would give wisdom, healing and the ability to prophesy.
"To the Chinese, the fish represented abundance and was a symbol of Kuan Yin, goddess of fertility and children.  It also meant wealth, harmony, and regeneration.  Kwannon of Japan was connected with fish, where the creature symbolized love. "

Fish Symbology:
The Divine, in every aspect both male and female.
Food of life
Diving into the unconscious: "Swimming with the fishes"
The Unconscious in Jungian Psychology
Different gods and goddess throughout time to include Isis, Demeter, Jesus, Quan Yin
Something hard to grasp, slippery.
(Depending on what type of fish you are dreaming, the symbol could vary)

Here is a lively and lovely excerpt from one of my favorite authors, Mary Louise Von Franz in Alchemy, on the subject of fish and dreams:
"I remember the dream of an analysand who has overanalysed and who dreamt that he was near water where a man was fishing.  In the water he saw a beautiful golden fish and he told the fisherman to get it.  But the fisherman, a very natural, simple man, and No, the man should jump in and join the fish!  That is a beautiful illustration showing that now the moment of return has come-the unconscious could not have spoken more clearly.  To jump down and join the fish instead of fishing it out would be completely contra naturam, but the process could not have been better illustrated.  That was someone who has had eight years of analysis, beginning with a Freudian, and now he should swim with the fish.  I think this has to do with taking away the corruptible humidity and bringing back the natural humidity; that would be getting back into the flow of life."