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Goat Dreams

September Animal of the Month

Goats have been domesticated for thousands of years, they have been carried and cared for across countless miles, oceans and deserts...they have been invaluable to the human race.  Nomads followed their herds as they grazed and thrived.  Many tribes still use the blood of goats for protein, adding to their food, bread, milk.  Goats are the perfect sacrifical animal in every way; in other words goats have been sacrificing for us for thousands of years and in turn we have been watching over, breeding, protecting, and consuming.  A goat dream could mean many things but always keep their history in mind when working the dream. Try to become a goat and ask yourself the 6 Magic Questions on my tools page.  For instance, I am a goat, my purpose is to find energy to consume so I may continue to thrive and provide milk for my kidds.  As a goat, I fear being preyed upon, having no food or grazing...not able to roam freely, not having a safe or protected place to sleep...

 ...goat's milk is also the perfect substitute for breast milk. 

"...In Sumeria, the goat often appeared with hunting goddesses or as a companion to the god Marduk.  Ba'al Gad, the Goat God of Palestine, was believed to be a redeemer of his people's sins.  The Mesopotamians called the goat the 'man-substitute', meaning it took the place of human sacrifice."  Read more from Conway, HERE

September 2008

Goat Symbology
Sacrifices...need to make, feeling like you have
    made enough?
Horns...needing protection, overly agressive?
Butting heads with someone?
Mother Archetype...dealing with mother issues?
Mischievious nature
Climbing to new heights
Adaptive nature
Serious...too serious or not serious enough?
Overeating or trying to consume too much life
    without proper discernment?
Myth: Greek nature god Pan and others listed above

Curious Yaqui
August 2008

"[The Goat] was sacred to Dionysus, the satyrs, Faunus, and Pan, and sacrified to Artemis at the Athenian festival Munichia.  In Lybrian rites, a goat skin (aegis) was draped on the statues of Athene.  Dionysus Melanaigis ("black goatskin") was honored at the festival called Apaturia.  The Romans considered it an unclean animal to the priest of Jupiter, who could not touch it.
"Norse legends tell of magickal goats, such as the two that pulled Thor's chariot.  Heidrun was a nanny goat that lived in Valhalla and supplied mead to the heroes there.  Scandinavians still make a Yule goat out of straw for the Winter Solstice; this effigy is then burned, a reminder of the ancient sacrifices."
Animal Magick, Conway