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Woodpecker Dreams

Pileated Woodpecker
Our most common visitor

Woodpecker Symbology

Woodpeckers seem to gravitate around our property. The Pileated, in short bursts of energy, glide to and from our gardens and surrounding woods. Their drumming echoes an otherworldly sound. The Bees, in almost a similar vocal fashion, buzz in a low drumm-like drone which also causes one to drift into another state. The Woodpecker digs deep into the trees for bugs and perhaps a bee...the elixir of life. They are intertwined in the cycle of life and they have both shown up in my backyard. It would be a disservice to single out one from the other this month, so I will focus on both.

"In the European folk tradition, the woodpecker was often considered a weather prophet, its drumming indicating forthcoming changes. It was even believed by some to be a Thunderbird. In Babylonia, it was considered the axe of Ishtar and was associated with fertility. In the Greek tradition it occupied the throne of Zeus, considered sacred to this god of thunder. I was also considered the oracle of Mars, again because drumming was often used to accompany battles. The Romans also has a legend of the woodpecker. The powerful enchantress Circe fell in love with the woodland god Picus. when he rejected her love, she turned him into a woodpecker...

"If a woodpecker has drummed out a song for you, then you should ask yourself some specific questions. Are you looking at aspects of your life rationally? Are others around you not discriminating in their activities? Are you? Are you or others in your life just jumping into situations with little or no analysis?"

"Sometimes the woodpecker will show up just to stimulate new rhythms. Rhythm is a powerful means of affecting the physical energies. Sometimes it is easy to get so wrapped up in our daily mental and spiritual activities that we neglect he physical. This can be when the woodpecker shows up. It may also reflect a need to drum some new changes and rhythms into your life."
Animal Speak, Ted Andrews

Possible Metaphors and Symbols:

Weather predictor
Self analysis
Digging up the truth
Finding a new rhythm or pattern in life
Awakening new mental processes
War...are you at war with someone? Possibly yourself?
Persistence or Perseverance
Guardians of kings and gods in ancient mythology
Good fortune in Japanese lore
Warning of approaching danger
Prophecy or Divination