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Coyote Trickster Dreams

Coyote Pouncing on the Moon, aka Coyote Rising
Oil Pastels, 2008


Coyote is an enigmatic character, depicted as the Trickster or creative instigator in many cultures.  From his lessons, tenacity, and folly, a new world or new way of seeing/thinking emerges.  S/He is Creatrix or Potential for new life.
Coyote has been visiting many in the dreamtime; why, I wonder?  This is something of interest to me, and I would love to hear any coyote dreams, so please share if you can.
If Coyote appears in your dreams, then you are truly lucky and cursed at the same time... The Trickster, Coyote, teaches, above all and if he appears, then a lesson is to be found and learned.  This lesson is never straightforward: are we getting too close to the fire?  Do we need to be more crafty in life?  Coyote revolves  around life and death...the true essence of Life and Living.  Understanding a coyote dream is like diving into layers and layers of meaning.  Not so easy.  Coyote Medicine, do you Have it or do you Need it?  Is Coyote asking something of you, or hounding you to confront your fears?  As one of the most successful adapters, Coyote forces you to become the very best, the most efficient, a survivor, a teacher; but Coyote also asks that you take the harder road, the path less traveled, in order to find change, to move into another way of thinking, learning, loving.  My work with Coyote has brought a new understanding of my dreamwork and what it means to listen and work those whom Coyote has touched.  Sit up and listen, sit in silence and use all your senses, become Coyote.  If you dream of this elusive, amazing animal, then you are being asked to adapt, to change, and to accept humbly what Coyote is Gifting.  This is important, life-changing medicine that requires swallowing in order to become whole, and fill full or fulfilled.

"The Trickster" akin to Loki of Norse Mythology
Humility or Humbleness
Unclear boundaries
Danger warner
Problem solver
Giver of Gifts
Bringer of Life/Death
Appreciation of Life
Moral lesson to be learned

"There are thousands of myths and stories about Coyote, the great trickster.  Many native cultures call Coyote the "Medicine Dog"...you can be sure that some kind of medicine is on its way - and it may or may not be to your liking.  Whatever the medicine is, good or bad, you can be sure it will make you laugh, maybe even painfully.  You can also be sure that Coyote will teach you a lesson about yourself."
..."Coyote is sacred.  In the folly of his acts we see our own foolishness.  As Coyote moves from one disaster to the next, he refines the art of self-sabotage to sheer perfection."
..."Go immediately beneath the surface of your experiences.  Ask yourself what you are really doing and why.  Is Coyote your medicine?..." 
Sams and Carson, "Medicine Cards". Bear and Company: Santa Fe, New.