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Projection and Self Reflection

Marie Louise Von-Franz

This page is in honor of Marie Louise Von Franz who has led me down a dark and deep path of Self reflection and projection illumination.

The best place to start in understanding Projection is Robert A. Johnson's book:
Owning Your Own Shadow: Understanding The Dark Side of the Psyche 

Projection...  why does the mention of the word bring confusion? 
Projection is the most dangerous form of denial.  However, once uncovered and seen, can bring illumination of the Self.


How does Projection happen...?
This page will be a work in progess.  I challenge those who are truly on a quest, a hero's quest, to find themselves...
For this is no easy task.  It is a courageous effort, to be sure.


Areas where Projection occurs:
Relationships of the heart...example: "Why don't you pay more attention to me?"  Look within and ask yourself if you pay enough attention to yourself... do you value your worth?  Do you love yourself?  Do you pay attention to your body (are you tired, over stressed, need a break?).  We often project onto our partners, how we feel about ourselves.
Another example:  "Why don't you open up more and tell me how you are feeling?  Why don't you communicate more?"  Look at your own communication skills...do you open up, show emotion or affection?  Oftentimes we expect exactly what we cannot do ourselves.
Projection also occurs with our children:  "Why don't you wear these clothes...  Why are you so worried about how you look?"  Look within and ask yourself if you worry, aloud, about your own appearance or if you respect your appearance at all.  Children take on our projections like sponges.  Attacking our children because they don't act, look, or respond the way we expect is a huge red flag, waving the projection in our face.  Children learn from watching their parents.