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Owl Dreams

Bronze Statuette of Minerva
Roman, Louve, Paris

[For those who have had owl experiences connected with UFO sightings and/or abductions, please check Mike Clelland's website Hidden Experience "Owls and the UFO Abductee".]




Owl dreams...I cannot tell you how many people come to me with owl dreams.
This animal alone eludes, frightens, confuses, amazes and enlightens more dreamers that seek my help than any other (save maybe Coyote or Lion). I've had countless Owl dreams myself and sometimes it's hard to truly grasp what Owl is trying to say.  Is S/He chasing you down, staring into your eyes, sitting on your arm, biting your fingers, watching you from a fence with many others...swooping down to dig in the talons....?  I've once had an owl shake her head at me from my window...no to what? Did that dream ever bring forth some creative energy!  These dreams, when owl comes to you, ask yourself what wisdom you are denying or seeking...what inner wisdom or maybe it's intuition coming forth to give you a message...why?  Owls can see in the dark, they see what we cannot.  They move silently and are stealth hunters; in other words they see and hear what we are afraid to face yet they bring wisdom that will move us forward into the light, into a new change.  Owl medicine is fierce, fast, no-holds-barred.  Owl medicine tells it straight, no mincing of words.  Owls eat their prey whole and then spit out what is not needed, compacted and perfect like a tiny mandala.  The metaphor here: they are not afraid to take in what is needed in order to gain knowledge/energy and understand what their body needs.  And they are able to regurgitate it back or the crap that is false, not important, the waste which everyone needs to rid of.  Owls are wise and can teach us lessons but we must listen and dig deep to understand what is in the dark which we do not want to see/hear/face.

The Snowy White Owl....I should truly add a separate page dedicated to this particular bird.  I wonder why this bird seems to be so busy in the dreamtime?  Just about every owl dream I recieve, the snowy white is forefront.  Very perplexing, I'm sure there is a cultural phenomenon afoot.  At any rate, the Snowy White contains a symbology all it's own.  If you are dreaming of this bird, here are some distinguishing characteristics:


Arctic, lives in cold Northern regions; the North is associated with introspection, hibernation, living in the cold (maybe depression?)


Hunts during the day...perhaps referring to recognizing and acknowledging your gift of intuition.  Intuition that has come in your day to day life, something that is coming to you which you need to "see" and bring forth into the light of day.


Wisdom that must be brought into the light.


Unafraid of showing gifts, wisdom, in the light of day. 



"One who works with Owl medicine will be able to see and hear what others try to hide.  You will hear what is not being said, and you will see what is hidden or in the shadows.  You can detect and pinpoint the subtleties.  This can make others uncomfortable because they will not be able to deceive you about their motives or actions.  Owl people have a unique ability to see into the darkness of others' souls and life." 
Ted Andrews: Animal Magick. Llewellyn Publications: St. Paul, Minn. 2001. P 175-6.

Coin with head of Athena and Owl
Silver Techradrachm, 5th century BC

Owl Symbology
Eyes-needing to see in the dark
Unconscious material wanting to emerge
Great Mother/Dark Goddess
Anima for men who dream
moon cycles
Dead spirits/reincarnation of the dead Protection to the Pawnee
Evil and Death to the Ojibwa
Secrets (extracting secrets: Ancient Roman belief)
Shadow for women

Here is a lovely description of Owl medicine at work from a dear friend of mine, Gina Mcfarling:



"For some reason I have always been attracted to owls.  I think it may be because they represent 'to me something I have never felt I had much of, wisdom. Owls seem to pop up in my life often. I even had the opportunity to go on a field trip with one of my children’s classes and go on an owl watch, where we could listen to the different calls of the different owls. I was fascinated. There is a golf course behind my house and there is an owl that lives in one of the trees there. Every night, when I am out walking my dog and the rest of the world is silent, the owl hoots as though she is speaking only to me. Just hearing this sound I feel a sense of comfort.  It’s almost as though I have a sense of protection from this wise bird and my soul is touched.


"To me the owl represents intuition and wisdom, perhaps even my voice."


--The owl has great vision to see the smallest details from great distances. It sees best in the dark.


--The owl has a keen sense of hearing and is acutely aware of its surroundings at all times.

--The owl seems to be an observer and acts quickly and precisely when necessary.


"God help me remember you have given me my own wisdom and intuition. Help me remember that you have given me vision to find what I need, especially in my darkest times. Help me to listen beyond the voices in the chaos of the world. Help me live mindfully and be aware of your presence in my life."


Ginna McFarling

Here is another form of Owl Work, created by an amazing wildlife photographer, recovery worker, and animal lover named Jason:

My name is Jason.  I am known as the Snowy White Owl.  I live deep in a forest in a very desolate area.  I have many purposes in this life as a Bird of prey, is to sit quietly on my tree or perch and look or watch for small traces of movement from small rodents on the forest floor.  I wait patiently.  I do not create a ruckus.  I remain calm.  I search for little things.  Not big things.  Things that aren’t too big to handle.  I have other purposes too. Another is to have keen I eye sight.  I must excellent vision to see very small details, small prey, and small opportunities.  I must be able to see at night as well as during the day.  For I hunt both during the day and during the night.  I must be flexible enough to capitalize on opportunities or situations when situations arise.    My vision or eyesight my be cared for with the utmost care.  I am cautious when I fly or maneuver through terrain that is not known to me.  Not to harm my self.  During the winter months it gets cold where I live.  Food can be scarce.  I must learn to hunt and care for myself adequately.  My feather coat is the only protection from Mother Nature.  I must maintain my coat of White feathers.  Cleaning and grooming when I can.  Deterring filth or dirt from destroying or breaking down my down insulating coat.  I must keep the White exterior surface very clean to blend in with the surroundings to allow me to blend in with the environment or terrain.   If I don’t, my prey that I am after will detect me and hide or scurry away from.  If this happens, I will starve and die.  These purposes I write all resemble purposes that I pose myself.  Like the Great Snowy Owl, who has excellent vision, I have a feeling that I must see who people really are inside.  Not on the outside so to speak.  “See through the crap” so to speak.  I have worked with people in recovery, and one thing I tell them that was told/taught to me was “True to Thy Own Self”.  People put up fronts, lie to themselves while in early recovery.  I tell them, “You have to Get to the Heart Of Soul”.  The real self.  I can see the person conjuring up a scheme or a verbal barrage of stuff before it even starts. 


The Owl patiently awaits his/her prey.  I find myself doing that.  Not sitting back and waiting for a time to strike out with a fury, but just sitting back and watching, waiting, observing.  Whatever the situation is.  Not reacting UNTIL the time is right.  As I sit here and type this, things come out.  Things that relate to Snowy Owl, rise up.  I find myself sitting there observing the situation.  Listening.  Learning.  Looking.  Then, acting appropriately.


About three years ago I associated with a couple companies in the hunting industry.  I was a company representive for both these companies.  At first, it was great.  “Life long Dream”.  “Lucky Few”.  “Privileged”.  You get the drift.  But as time went on, things got old.  My mentality was changing.  I was losing interest in “freelance killing of waterfowl”.    After three(3) years of service I resigned.  This notion of a simpler, less hectic life came over me.  With the Snowy Owl, the owl just hunts, and kills what he/she needs.  They don’t have a lifestyle full of “fringe and frill”.  They live from day to day (basically).  That’s where I got to.  Like I mentioned, I resigned from the companies.  My life got quieter, calmer.  I had more time for family (Wolf).  Although I did continue to hunt and still do, my hunting has changed tremendously.  Not killing, but hunting.  One other purpose is flight.  I have the ability to soar, glide, and fly anywhere.  But, fly quietly not to be detected by prey.  For I am always looking for prey while flying.  Sometimes I must fly to a new area when there is a lack of food in the area where I am living.  I have the ability to fly anytime.  Being able to fly I can look down and see things from a different angle or different view.  I can either fly high in the clouds for travel of low to the ground for hunting.  I have excellent wing and muscle control.  My talons need to be razor sharp for grasping prey.  Not for conflict or defense.  I have the ability to retract them and walk on the ground not to damage them.  For if they are damaged, my hunting chances are slimmed.  My talons are my tools.  My tools need to be cared for.



As a white beautiful bird, I fear of being killed for my plumage or feathers.  I fear of not finding enogh food for myself.  I fear of being alone at TIMES.  I fear harsh weather my destroy my hunting and living grounds.  I fear my grounds being taken.  I fear that if I fly to a new location to hunt, I will not find any prey.  I fear of getting harmed or hurt.  I fear rejection.


White is Pure.  I, the Great Snowy White Owl, love to glide along the prairies at daybreak on a cold January morning.  I love looking into the forest and seeing endless pine and hemlock trees.  I love being welcomed.  I love seeing other Great Snowy Owls and hearing them.  I love quietly moving into a new area to live and hunt.  Not letting anybody know I am there.  Quietly, cautiously looking the new place out.  New smells.  New noises.  New sights.  I love new challenges.  I love the thrill of a hunt.  From the moment I am gliding over the snow covered prairie to the point when I pounce down on my pray and retreat back to the safety of the trees.  I love finding out about myself.  What I can do, what I can’t.  How I can improve.  I love to learn, and applying what I learned to life.  I love feeling the cold air against blow against my feathers while resting in the afternoon sun up North.  I am home. 


I hate pressure from others.  I hate rough bad storms.  Storms that blow down trees and destroy cover and Nature.  Storms that could possibly kill me.  I hate hot temperatures.  Were there’s no relief.  Where I pant all day through my mouth.  I hate ghosts that linger.  I hate things that can’t be put behind me.  I am Owl, I must be able to work through this.  I must be able to work through, and see things that I hate for in order for growth to happen.      (I lost my train of thought on this one)


Desires of mine as the Snowy Owl are to be a Great hunter.  I desire to understand my past.  Work through my past.  I desire to stay focused.  A desire to stay in the now.  A desire to protect.  Not protect me from the past or my past but to protect others from harm that are related.  (That just popped in my mind as I was typing)A desire of mine as Snowy Owl is stay healthy.  Have Spirit in me, through me, with me.  To love.  To cherish people.  To share my love, strength, wisdom.  I desire teachings from Great Spirit and the Sprits from the Elders.  I desire calmness.  I desire inner-peace. 




Jason Connellee

“In Zoology, owls are commonly classified as Strigiformes…In Italian, the word strega means something akin to an evil old woman or with, who is in league with the devil.  In Old French, the word in estrie and means a vampire-like creature.  The Portuguese parallel, estrai, means witch.  She corresponds to the Spanish bruja… But in all languages, so to speak the word means a witch on the one hand and a predatory night owl on the other.  This appears most clearly in Italian, where the strige are “una familgia di uccelli nortturni” and in Romanian, where striga means a night owl. “


Excerpt from Siegmund Hurwitz's Lilith: The First Eve. Historical and Psychological Aspects, of the Dark Feminine. Daimon Verlang:Switzerland. 1992. P. 47-8.

* Remember, dreams have multiple layers.  Almost always, what we think is the answer, is only the tip of the iceberg (especially if we are interpreting our own dreams).

There's an Owl at my window;
What could she want?
She shakes her head,
Really?  Are you absolutely sure?
Then I wonder...
Sure about what?
And the Dream ends.