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Hawk Dreams

Photo by Jason Connellee

Hawk dreams, personally speaking, are messages from the Divine.  Like Horus or Mercury, the Hawk brings messages from a higher realm.


The hawk through history is also connected to many anicent dieties, check the list below to get an idea of the wide range.  Search Ancient Egyptian tomb paintings and you will find images of winged goddesses.  The Egyptian notion of the soul or "ba" is also winged like a raptor.  What we have here is a connection to flight, freedom, spirit, Divine, going higher, a higher perspective.


The hawk's keen eyesight cannot be ignored, nor the acute hearing.  Some mate for life, devoted parents.  Their soaring flight and stealth dives are magnificient.  And I've also witnessed several chicks (and a couple of roosters too!) get plucked from our garden by a resident Broad Wing.  They are highly intelligent, patient, stealth, observant, calculating...when they appear in your dreams, you have much to investigate.  Hawk asks you to step back and take a higher look at what is happening in your life.  Hawk brings new perspective, insight, patience...Divine answers. 

Tomb painting of Isis, Karnac Museum
Tomb of of Seti I in the Valley of the Kings

"Clear-sightedness; being observant. Far-memory, or recalling past lives. A message from spirit; omens and dreams.Over-coming problems. Taking advantage of an opportunity. The cry of a hawk in a mediation is a warning of upcoming situations that will require boldness and decisiveness. Courage, defense, wisdom, illumination, new life, creativity, truth, experience.

  Getting a large over-view so you can make better decisions." Animal Magick, D.J. Conway


Gold Ba-Bird Amulet, Late Period Egypt

The Hawk can be traced back to Anicent Egyptian dieties such as Horus, Ptah, Rehu, Seker, and Amenti.  A Greek messenger to Apollo, Hermes or Mercury as well as the goddess Circe are all aspects of Hawk.  The Pueblo called the Red-Tailed as red eagle and the feathers were used in healing ceremonies.  The Celtic traditions name the oldest creature the Hawk of Achill, a messenger between our world and the Otherworlds; graced above all birds with more skill and strength.
Hawk Symbology
Clear Sightedness
Spirit (Ba)
Good luck
Higher perspective
Power over Self