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Bob Cat and Lion Dreams

Bob Cat
Lynx Rufus
The bobcat shares the same family as the cat... the felidae family.  It is spotted on the upperpart of the backside and has tufts of hair that extend from it's eartips.  Although the bobcat is not a fast runner, they can jump 6 to 8 feet.
"The tail is very symbolic.  Tails have a long connection symbolically with the sexual energies and the kundalini. The tail or the tail end is the seat of the life force.  The tip of the bobcat's tail is black and its underneath side is white.  This refelcts the ability to turn on and off the creative forces as is needed.  This is part of the medicine of the bobcat."
Ted Andrews, Animal Speak
Bobcat Symbology
If you have a dream where the bobcat plays a role, here are some possible meaning..
Are you too solitary, are you a loner?  Do you need to become more social?
are you harboring secrets or do you feel that others are talking about you?  Are you being too secretive with your friends and loved-ones?
Acute hearing:
do you need to listen better or are you a good listener?
Do you need to open your eyes to the unconscious; are you scared of the dark; to you need to "see" what's in front of you?
Fast Learner:
Have you been thrown into a situation where you need to learn at a fast pace?  Do you feel like you need to learn something, fast...new opportunities coming your way?
Do you need to become more discerning? Are you more of a talker or a Thinker, rather than a feeler? 

Loop of a bobcat, Oil Pastel 2008

Bobcats are elusive animals, as I have experienced firsthand.  The first day we moved onto our property in the mountains, we were greeted by a bobcat.  It was late at night and the headlights caught him in his tracks; he looked over his shoulder at us and looped off into the woods.  The stub of his tail, sticking straight up; long, husky legs, in no hurry.  We were mesmerized and excited....bobcat, wow!  We've been here now, on and off for 5 years and have now (Summer 2009) had three more experiences: my husband reported trailing one on the road, just down from our house last Fall while  studying mammals; early this Spring our cat was taken by one in the night; and most recently this Summer, I chased one preying upon two domesticated geese from a riverbank down Hwy 74.
To be sure, they are all around here...elusive, again the word that best describes this beautiful cat.  If I were to dream of this animal, I think personally, he would symbolize the elusiveness of the powerful unconsious complex, waiting to break through.  The instinctive, wild or unchartered, nocturnal nature of this animal; secretive as Ted Andrews describes, would represent my Self's secretive nature and all the wonders that lay just outside of my reach.  Both dangerous and beautiful, hunter in day or night, awareness of the unconscious breaking through at any time... His spotted nature, representing the merging of shadow and light...he carries the symbol of the Self.  The bobcat is not a fast runner, symbolizing my chances of catching up to the knowledge that lay just beyond the frontiers of my consciousness.
He is always there, rooting around, ready to pounce....or flee.   

Bob Cat: "The Wild Cat"
"The bobcat is a solitary animal, and those with it as a totem often find themselves in the same situation.  Coming to terms with that, learning to be alone without being lonely, is part of what the bobcat teaches..."
Ted Andrews, Animal Speaks
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Lady of the Beasts
Bronze Hydria, Greek, 600 B.C.E